Mountain Creek Ranches Reviews & Resort Activities

Vacations are always more fun when with your family. If you want to go on a relaxing vacation with the people that you love, come and visit the Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club and enjoy the varied hunting and outdoor activities that they offer. At Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club, you can be sure that there will be no dull moments from swimming to hunting activities, all suited for the entire family.

Hunting at the Trail

You don’t have to be an expert hunter to enjoy hunting. In this particular region, there are at least 50 different animals that you can hunt which offers an enjoyable time for hunters of all levels. The entire stretch of Hill Country offers beautiful scenery so you can enjoy the view while you hunt for game. You can choose from various club membership packages available to suit your budget. There are six available ranches at Mountain Creek Resort for whitetail hunting. The best time of the year is during the hunting season although hunters are adept at moving from one ranch to another to avoid putting too much pressure on the game.

If you love hunting turkeys, you can have professional turkey callers to join you on your hunting adventure. It should be noted that Turkeys cannot be taken around the feeders as they need to be “called in” and taken with shotguns only. Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club ensures responsible hunting and infra-red cameras when hunting turkeys.

Looking for exotic hunting? You will not be disappointed because within the Medina area, you will find that there are a lot of opportunities for hunting exotic animals all year round. You can hunt for your favorite exotic game all year round right here. There are axis, fallow, elk, sika deer, mouflon, aoudad and blackbuck antelope that can be hunted because these animals find that Hill County is the perfect place for them to graze and enjoy clean air.

Hunting at night is also possible. Hog and varmint hunting is also available in this area and it’s even more fun when done at night with red lights for the nocturnal. There are bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions and hogs. Occasionally, you may even find a 400-pound Russian boar.

Going Fishing at Mountain Creek Ranch

Mountain Creek Ranches is laden with numerous private lakes that offer great fishing opportunities for their visitors. These lakes have largemouth bass, catfish and crappie. The rainbow trout is a favorite among fisherman which is often found in the Medina River.

Other Fun Social Activities

This does not mean, however, that only fishermen and hunters will enjoy the ranch because, as previously mentioned, the ranch caters to guests of all ages. You can come to the ranch in small groups and it is also conducive for corporate picnics and family reunions. Guests can go boating, canoeing and tubing at the Medina River. You can play golf, go horseback riding, enjoy a live band or go on a quiet picnic with your family and friends. For those who love indoors, they can enjoy a game of pool and other activities that are sure to bring fun to everyone regardless of age.